Squadron Cadet Uniform Guide


Congratulations on joining the Civil Air Patrol program! One of the first requirements to promote is to acquire a uniform. 
Below are the lists of all the things you will need for both
 ABUs (camos) and dress 
There are
 links and 
suggestions on 
the best place to get the items. Please be advised that the websit
 listed that has all the supplies is pretty expensive. You should try the other options I give if possible
unless of course you have the blues voucher. 

Please be advised that your first goal should be to acquire the whole set of ABUs. Once you have that full uniform you can have your first promotion. After that first promotion, you will be given a Blues Voucher from National Headquarters and that should used to purchase the blues. The voucher is $100 to be spent on a designated website (Vanguard). Please be advised that the links below lead to that website. Also, that the 100 dollars of the voucher will not cover the full cost of the blues, thus you are advised to buy the shirt and the accessories. That way you spend the voucher money on the items you can only get on vanguard. For the pants you can find them much cheaper on ebay, the supply closet or the surplus store. 

For the full BDU uniform you will need: 

ABU cap - Looks like this. You can get it there online, or cheaper at the Colliverville Surplus Store
ABU shirt - Try to get one from the supply closet, the Colliverville Surplus store, or eBay. 
BDU pantsTry to get one from the supply closet, the Colliverville Surplus store, or eBay.
"Civil Air Patrol" cloth tape - Get it here, or the supply closet may have one.
Cloth nametape (last name) - Get it here, (make sure to put only your last name) 
ABU belt (with black buckle) - Looks like this, it's like a dollar at the Colliverville Surplus Store so get it there. 
Combat boots- You can find these basically anywhere, the  Colliverville Surplus Store, Walmart
, online ect. 
Undershirt- plain black crew neck T-shirt

The complete ABU uniform should look like this
Inline image 2

For the Blues uniform you will need: 

Flight cap (Female) - Can get it here
Flight cap (Male) get it
or we might have one in the store room, or Colliverville Surplus Store MIGHT have on
e. If they do have your sid
e make sure 
 to get the one with a silver braid. It needs to be a black braid on the cap.
Cadet flight cap device - Get it here.
Light blue, s/sleeve shirt (female)  - 
Can g
et it
 hereMale s/sleeve can
get it here, but it's better to get it 
from the supply closet, the surplus store or eBay. (The female shirt has NO pockets) 
Blue 3-Line nameplate (last name) - Get it here. (again, make sure it is only you last name. ) 
Blue trousers - Get it from the supply closet, the surplus store or eBay. (the female trousers have pleats
and no pockets in the back
Blue belt (with silver buckle)- Get it here, or much cheaper at the Colliverville Surplus Store
Shoes - Any black dress shoes that look somewhat like these, Colliverville Surplus Store might have some, or eBay or you might even find some at a thrift or consignment store. 
Undershirt - plain white T-shirt, v-neck

The Blues should look like this
Inline image 1
Inline image 1

Please be advised there is a difference between the male and female Blues shirt, pants, and hat.

If you need more information here is a link that will explain about the uniform (and about the Civil Air Patrol) in a bit more detail. (Pages 7-10 have the information about the uniform. )  
If at anytime you have questions about the uniform, please contact the appropriate person on your Chain of Command or ask your mentor. 


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