Squadron Cadet Promotion Guide


So you want to complete the requirements for your first promotion. What do you need to do?  At any given time you can look up your next promotion requirement at Stripes to Diamonds or more specifically for this promotion 
what you need to promote to C/Amn
 . Nevertheless,  this page will walk you through your first promotion requirements. 

For your first promotion you will need to: 
  1. Be a member on eservices
    If you have not created an account google eServices and follow the instructions under "first time users."
  2. Have a uniform and know how to wear it
    You can get either your blues or ABUs but I recommend the ABUs. 
  3. Pass the Learn to Lead Test (This link leads to the chapter 
    you need to study
     to the test. Login to eservices, on the very right, click on Cadet Online Testing, 
    the test will be
  4. Take the "Introduction to safety" course. 
    To do so, log into eServices-->Online Learning-->Learning Management System--> (down to the very bottom) Online Safety Education-->(at the very top) Introduction to CAP Safety.
  5. Attempt the PT 
    You do not have to pass the standrds at this time just establish a base line.
    Take the drill test 
    You can look at what your drill test will cover in this manual. You will be tested on Achievement one. 
     need to email 
    or contact your flight sergeant
     few days before
     to schedule the
     drill test. 
  7. Finally, be able to recite the cadet oath.  http://capnhq.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/61
Once you have completed these requirements, you will be promoted at the next convenient squadron meeting plus you will receive a voucher for $100.00 from Vanguard to help with the purchase of uniforms.



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